ILTM Cannes 2018

ILTM which stands for International Luxury Travel Market is the pinnacle of luxury travel events in the world and one of its most prominent upcoming events is that of Cannes in December 2018.

It is described by many as the preeminent international event in luxury travel every year. Adellaporta will be present at ILTM in Cannes where the most affluent travel businesses will be presenting their promising projects.

It is said that one day in ILTM Cannes is equivalent to a month of doing business. By participating we get the opportunity to connect and bond with the ultimate in class and extravagance in the world of travel. By coming in touch with such distinguished figures, we get deeper insights into the markets and the industry as a whole. We would never miss it.

For more info about the event click here.


2018 · Cannes · ILTM


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