No matter what type of travel services your business offers, or how large it is, there is never a shortage of new topics to learn about and apply. If your brand’s aim is to innovate, to go beyond and above and provide unmatched services in your market, then thorough training of your staff is paramount.

This includes Supervisors and managers along with all staff levels and features without being limited to strategic consulting, follow-up coaching sessions and team building.

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Strategic consulting will provide your team with invaluable advice on important decisions without a single hint of bias, making use of our vast knowledge on the travel industry with the goal always being the delivery of the best possible results.

Even after training is complete, follow-up coaching sessions will ensure that your staff is on the same page and keeps up the incredible work just as taught.

Finally, your staff, while working towards the same goal in unison, is a team. A team’s performance is exponentially better than individual effort, making team building an essential part of the training.

From Supervisors to Managers and all Staff levels

Regardless of the position in the organization chart of a company, every employee must be fully aware of the client’s needs, desires and expectations. Every business must ensure that there is no gap in what the manager thinks the client expects and what the client really expects, so that the whole team can cope with that expectation.

Thus, through training tailor-made to the needs of every company, we provide:

  • Staff guidance to manage their clients in a way that ensures relationship building and satisfaction.
  • Track performance to collect information to help staff improve.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to people’s development through the implementation of the appropriate leadership style.
  • Enhance the key leadership skills of diagnosis, flexibility and collaboration for increased performance.
  • Transition from the successful to the effective leader.
  • Enhance the receptivity of staff to change and develop a culture of innovation and leadership

Staff Training

  • Diagnosis of employee readiness.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the different needs of employees.
  • Guidance and ‘training’ of staff to maintain a high level of knowledge about their products and services.
  • Ensure that the staff have expert knowledge of the work they are required to undertake.
  • Collaboration to achieve goals.
  • Identification of values ​​and perceptions to create an excellent customer service culture.
  • Development of skills in customer service.
  • Assessment of the needs and expectations of their different customer groups so that their team can respond effectively to their work.
  • Reinforcement of the ability to effectively manage customer disputes or disagreements.
  • Enhancement of their emotional intelligence to see things from the perspective of the client

Follow UP Coaching Sessions

  • Individual meetings to deal with the personal difficulties of each employee.
  • Group and individual meetings to identify obstacles towards the set goals.
  • Effective management of meetings before the start of the shift – preparation, conduct and monitoring of meetings to ensure the objectives are met.

Team Building

  • Focus on team spirit. Build trust between team members. Take responsibility and be responsible for achieving team and individual goals.
  • Focus on the process – Avoid the group’s malfunctions, so that its members align with the vision, mission and goals of the business.
  • Deep understanding of roles, personalities and behaviors. Correct distribution of roles according to the capabilities of each member.
  • Management of disputes and conflicts.

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